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The roaring 2020's

January 14, 2020

We’ve always got an eye out for the newest things happening in the hair world, and 2020 is no exception! 2020 brings back imagery from days of yore; and what is more fitting than THE ROARING TWENTIES?

Just thinking about 1920 makes you think about flappers, fingerwaves, dapper gentlemen, prohibition, and all that jazz. Did you know the term ‘flapper’ is said to come from sound the women’s shoes made when they walked around? 1920 was a decade when many women found independence, ditching long waves into killer short bobs, wet set fingerwaves, and layering on all that moody eyeliner. Want to channel your inner Louise Brooks? Ask your stylist for a new spin on an old style. Instead of wet set finger waves, ask for thermal deep waves- a similar effect that doesn’t take half a day to set. The 20s were all about lines. Blunt bobs, blunt bangs will have you reading the funny papers in no time. 



We’re not leaving that masculine energy out either. Prohibition short styles found popularity again with shows like Boardwalk Empire and Peaky Blinders. Again with the lines, solid disconnects and a shiny finish were all the rage. Ask your stylist for a side part and a high reflection pomade to really top off your new look, or to modernize, add a little texture in the top. You’ll be looking swell!



We’re really glad for the internet around here and as someone suggested on

Twitter, instead of the Roaring Twenties, maybe we should ring in the THE SILENT TWENTIES. Pair a big hat or your favorite noise cancelling headphones to keep out the hustle and bustle of the modern era and contemplate decades ago. 



Not a fan of the 1920 aesthetic? We are intrigued by the idea of bringing in THE RAWRING TWENTIES. You read that right, instead of being embarrassed by all that volume in your hair or the volume of My Chemical Romance, be proud and represent your high school years. Time to break out those raccoon tail extensions, cheap eyeliner, 100 pounds worth of plastic bracelets, and maybe snake bites, . And just remember “Rawr means I love you in dinosaur.” 




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